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Attracting Money without Lifting a Finger - 5 Steps

Attracting money without lifting a finger is stress-free wealth generation. All wealth you could possibly want is within. Reach out your mental hand and take it.

Some action might be required to accumulate wealth but if you watch your vibe and align yourself properly, the accumulation of wealth feels effortless. Like coasting through the day and attracting cash on auto-pilot.

The aligning part is key. Watch how you feel before every single act of the day. Your feelings dictate how easily you attract money, or how easily you block it.

Attracting Money without Lifting a Finger

1 - Meditate

Meditation helps you dissolve blocks around money, which allows you to tune into abundance. Meditating helps you observe your feelings around wealth. Beliefs or limiting beliefs pop up in your mind as money is discussed. Most beliefs are buried deep within your being. Meditating helps these feelings arise, so you can face, embrace and release the emotions.

Sit still. Follow your breathing. Watch your attention fade, watch your feelings, thoughts, impulses, desires. Bring your attention gently but firmly back to your breathing. This trains you to observe your thoughts and feelings, instead of being held captive by your thoughts and feelings.

2 - Visualize

Visualizing makes you a magnet to your predominant mental picture. You choose to picture wealth throughout the day or poverty, and your predominant results mirror your predominant mental picture. Find a quiet spot. Still your mind. Allow a vision of wealth to arise on the screen of your mind.

Picture yourself as a prospering cash gifting sponsor. Feel yourself making money. Feel the joy of living an abundant life. The emotions create the experience. The emotions attract to you the people, circumstances and ideas which manifest your vision.

3 - Affirm

Repeat statements to yourself that you are abundant, you are wealthy, you are prosperous. Any idea you accept as true becomes pictured on the screen of space. Affirmations are a wonderfully simply mental programming tool. Your belief system is based on ideas you repeat to self persistently. Affirming overrides your current programming, helping you create your life to order.

Affirm for 20 minutes daily. Slow down the wheels of your mind. Relax. Repeat an idea to yourself either out loud or in silence. Feel your way through each word. Inject emotions into the statement. Your emotions are the great attractive or repelling force.

4 - Express Gratitude

Gratitude is a conduit to good. Expressing gratitude attracts to you all forms of wealth, including money. See the good in things, the good in things flow to you. Expressing gratitude takes a few moments and the results are incredible.

Set aside time each day to bring yourself into a grateful space. Express thanks for all the money you have. Express thanks for the money you are receiving. Express gratitude for your health, your family, your friends. Grateful people never find their cupboards bare. Feeling grateful for things makes you a magnet to good things.

5 - Rest

This goes against the grain, I know. Work, work, work to acquire a fortune. Here's a secret: all you want, including money, comes to you. You are a magnet, continually attracting or repelling. If you want to attract more money learn to pull back for hours each day. Relax. Work less, but work light. Work more intelligently, then get off the lap top, go for a run, spend some time with the family.

Resting up each day boosts your creativity. Most people do not act intelligently as they work from a place of force. No mindfulness, no light nature around their work. This crowd is not receptive to prospering ideas because their strained and striving vibe repels creative ideas, and money. Rest up. Take frequent breaks. Sleep for 8 hours a night. Rest and prosper.

Attracting Money without Lifting a Finger - Summary

Meditate to become more aware of your feelings. Visualize and affirm to attract money. Express gratitude for your riches and rest to attract prospering ideas. Attracting money without lifting a finger reduces stress and helps you prosper in an enjoying fashion.

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