Thursday, March 8, 2012

1 Filthy Little Secret to Making Money Online Quickly

Making money online has a dirty little secret. Filthy, actually. It's so dirty, most people refuse to go there. It's like the ego says it's too dirty.

The dirty secret makes you more money than you could dream of. It opens infinite doors. It prospers countless people. Here's the secret of secrets.

Only the ego thinks it's dirty, because the ego is "above" it. The ego fears what might happen, if the secret is seized. The ego hates it.

Making Money Online - Filthy Little Secret

The filthy little secret to making money online is this: meet an astounding number of people from your niche each day. Meaning, you must hustle.

And you must be prepared to encounter all types of personalities. This is dirty, at times, and the ego hates it. Which is why most sit in comfy bubble.

You see, if you don't venture outside of your network each day, you do not use the dirty secret. If you refuse to meet anybody, you do not use the secret.

You do not use the secret because your ego hates "rejection", whatever that is, or you simply refuse to face people who might dislike you.

I know because it was me. I ignored advice from titans like Eric Worre, who implore you to meet tons and tons of people each day.

Meeting means sharing content. Following up with a kind email. Chatting on social networks. Making a connection. No, meeting does not mean a friend add.

That ain't gonna cut it. Because it's 2 strangers in the night, flying by one another in a fast paced cyber world. You must connect.

Meeting an astounding number of people is key to making money online because you find yourself being promoted to an extra 10,000 to 100,000 people daily.

Read that line again. Not a typo. When you meet 20, 30 or 50 people each day, and some of these folks promote you, you reach their audiences.

When you are introduced to more audiences from your niche, guess who makes more money? You. Guess who gets to help more people prosper? You.

Making Money Online - Set a Number

Set a number of people to meet from your niche each day. Or, just be voracious. Hop on every chance to meet someone. Send out friend requests.

Follow on twitter. Retweet. Chat. Engage. Message. Connect. Help. Be a friend. Meet people, a crazy number of people, prosper.

The ego does not like it. Too much reaching out, too much "relying on others", it's dirty to the ego, but it is the secret.

What making money online strategies do you use? Similar to the "meet a ton of people" method? Do you use the secret?

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