Thursday, February 23, 2012

How to Smack Cash Gifting Prospects Upside the Head

Cash gifting prospects need a smack upside the head sometimes.

At times, charming the pants off an individual with sappy sweetness works.

Other times, a smack upside the head is the prescription.

You see, many walk through life in a stupor. A malaise.

Many slide safely into the grave, living life in a comfort zone, dying more each day, following the herd of sheeple.

A smack upside the head provides an instant wake up a call.

A life-changing moment.

A shock, a change, a moment where you see the light.

Cash Gifting Head Smack

Now the smacking must come from a high energy place.

No anger, no resentment, no hostility.

To wake someone up you need to be direct.

In your face. In a nice way, of course, but in your face.

I see many crippled by their fears, afraid to take the next step.

Your job as a cash gifting coach is to coax individuals along the way, and administer the slap heard round the world at the precise time.

If the individual trusts you, they appreciate the smack.

The goal is to help. To inspire someone to be free, by taking brave steps toward that freedom.

The thing is, you can't force anybody to do anything.

What you can do is come from a place of posture, of authority.

You depend on no one for your wealth. You are connected to Source, so you chase no one, you pester no one.

Cash Gifting - Short and Sweet

Offer short, sweet, in your face advice.

If your face does not mean nasty, or rude. It means being direct.

"Send a pledge. Start today. I can only help you become financially free with individualized training after you send a pledge. Do it."

"If you are serious about improving your finances, take the free tour of our club now."

Another key point: leave no other option.

Just do it. Take the step. That's it.

This immediately lets the individual know if they are blocking their good, with their fears, and to get past the fears they have to take a step.

Virtually every person responds positively to this, and the few who don't, have severe self-esteem or other low energy issues, which have nothing to do with you.

If you are coming from a high energy, helpful place, their issues are their issues. They have to own them. It's their responsibility to own them.

Administer the smack. Step back. Release.

In time you see more conversions, grow your cash gifting team and help more people achieve financial freedom with a well timed smack.

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