Friday, February 17, 2012

How to Quickly Charm the Pants off of Cash Gifting Program Prospects

Cash gifting program prospects flock to the charismatic coach.

Like, they sprint to him or her.

You draw in prospects by becoming attractive.

You charm the pants off of prospects by offering so much value it makes people sick.

Crazy sick.

The type of fever they catch, for you, and never lose.

Cash Gifting Program Prospect

The ideal dude or dudette wants what you have to offer.

In other cases, you need to impress, to make a positive impression.

It becomes easier to impress if you create like mad.

Ebooks, blog posts, articles, videos, whatever.

The more you create the less you compete. The more you create the more easily you attract prospects.

It's that simple.

What screws most people up are those evil little, insidious blocks.

You know, the "I have no time to write articles."

Bullcrap. You have 24 hours each day. You choose how to use each minute. Yeah, you!

Another block: "I am a bad writer, I can't write articles, or I lack creativity."

Again, I call bullcrap.

I was an un-educated - SEO-wise - unemployed security officer. I knew how to check my emails and, that's it, and now I top search engines.

Yes, I reached the first page on every major sharing program search you can imagine at one time or another.

So I do not want to hear it.

I create because I want others to benefit from my knowledge. I share what's worked for me, so you can prosper.

If you create a bunch people want to prosper with you. It's a law of attraction thing.

You attract that which you are. Want team members? Become a helpful, inspiring team coach. Helpful, inspiring team members find you, in increasing numbers.

If you want to create badly enough, you charm the pants off of prospects.

Repel Cash Gifting Program Prospects by Doing This

Shove your opportunity down throats.

See how far this gets you.

Far and away, most struggling gifters who come to me for advice are making this massive, dumb-ass screw up.

Nobody cares about you, or your opportunity, until you impress them.

Offer value, become valuable.

You know that creation is a key to charming your prospects. Looking out for terrible, self-created blocks and dissolving them, is a key to freedom.

Observe if you might be repelling prospects with heavy-handed methods, stop it, and you too can make cash gifting program prospects desire you as a sponsor.

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