Sunday, February 12, 2012

How to Make a Seismic Impact as a Cash Gifting Coach

Successful cash gifting coaches make an unmistakable impact.

You know when you are dealing with a pro.

No doubt about it.

Pros generate more gifts and grow teams with remarkable speed.

That's because pros work intelligently. No wasted motion.

Failures make no impact. Or make a negative impact. Failures try too hard, doing things from a place of force instead of power.

Come from a place of power, of authority.

Cash Gifting Coach | Positive Impact

Make a positive impression wherever you show up.

Write helpful, keyword rich articles to reach your audience.

Personalize experiences.

Go the extra mile to make people remember you. Do not give individuals the option to forget you.

Step 1 - Personalize

Personalize each experience.

Call each person who opts-in to your cash gifting website.

Leave a nice personalized message if you do not speak to the person initially.

Follow up with a personalized email.

The best sound in your native tongue is your first name. Be music to someone's ears. Use the name.

Step 2 - Create Like a Fiend

Creators rise above the competition

As more of your articles reach the first page of search engines interested folks take notice.

Make a powerful impact. Create. Do not compete. Create until you forget about competing.

Cash Gifting | How to Create

Write blog posts, articles and ebooks. Create daily. Never let a day pass where you do not create.

Shoot and upload videos. Think "How to", focus on helping individuals prosper with sharing clubs.

Show off your knowledge. Help your prospects. Continue to reach out with usable, top notch content.

Add value, become valuable. The more you create the less you compete.

You become as valuable as the value which you bring to the market.

Continue to write, to create, to help others. The more people you help, the more your word of mouth advertising spreads like wild fire.

Step 3 - How Can I Help You?

Those 5 words are powerful.

People want help. They want assistance. They want an accessible mentor.

They want someone who's there for them. They want someone who cares about their hopes and concerns.

Ask the question. Ask it again. Keep asking.

Some need to be coaxed out of their shell, others are just waiting for you to reach out to them.

Make a massive impact as a cash gifting coach and be that person.

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