Tuesday, February 7, 2012

How to Kill Your Cash Gifting Program Fears with Personal Development

You might be filled with cash gifting program terrors.

"Where are my cash gifts? I am going broke!"

"Will I ever generate leads?"

"I will always be a failure!"

Fear cripples you. Become successful by working on releasing these fears.

Cash Gifting Program | The Subconscious Mind

The god-like part of you called the subconscious mind is critical to your personal development.

The subconscious is your programming. You proceed according to beliefs impressed on this region of your mind.

If you reprogram yourself with high energy thoughts and feelings you can kill many of your sharing club fears.

Use the MAV method of self-help: meditate, affirm and visualize daily.

Step 1 - Meditate

Meditate for 30 minutes a day. Meditating expands your awareness, helping you observe your feelings instead of acting on them.

Most can not separate self from feelings. Meditating helps you watch your feelings, and release them, so you avoid being imprisoned by your feelings.

Find a quiet spot. Still your body. Allow your mind to rest. Observe.

Anchor your attention on your breathing.

If your attention strays simply bring your focus back to your breathing.

Step 2 - Affirm

Perform affirmations for 20 minutes daily.

Doing affirmations changes your belief system, and your results follow your beliefs.

What you believe to be true, comes true.

Affirm high energy words to self: "Wealth! Success!" Inject emotions into the words. You become the embodiment of these words.

Fear exits stage left.

Cash Gifting Program | Easy Does It

Force negates so avoid getting all wild with your affies. Easy does it. Feel your way into your affirmation.

Allow the words to sink deep into your subconscious from a place of power, not force.

Step 3 - Visualize

Visualize for 10 minutes daily.

Visualizing is a preview of what is to come in your life. When you see it persistently, you be it, and it happens.

Find a quiet spot and let an image of your dream life come to mind.

Live in your mental picture. Taste, touch, hear and smell your mental picture, to attract what you need to make the picture come true.

The cash gifting program sponsor who practices personal development daily becomes a fear-slayer.

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