Saturday, February 4, 2012

How to Commit Cash Gifting Suicide

Cash gifting suicide comes in a variety of forms.

One thing is for sure. If you commit sharing club suicide you are doomed.

Interested individuals sprint from your squeeze page.

Others looking for a fight always seem to pop up across your social networks.

Your club suffers and your cash gifts dry up.

Cash Gifting Suicide

Want to kill your club? Hype it up. I mean, really hype it up.

Using hyped-up claims attracts bad energy. Lazy folks.

Using hyped-up testimonials attracts bad energy. Yep, might be true. But it attracts loads of bad energy because of your energy.

Lazy folks, money-obsessed folks, get rich quick types.

Desperate people use hype. Even if they are using hype as a form of "proof", it is still charged with negative energy.

"Here, let me convince you as much as I can. Let me try so hard to show you how easy this is."

"Let me use force, not power. Let me come from a place of fear, instead of authority."

When is the last time you saw a billionaire posting flashy videos of themselves spending money, or receiving money, to draw you in to their opportunity?

Nope, the wealthiest people on earth are too busy serving, thinking about their product, service or prospering opportunity, and how to improve it.

They have no time to prove to you that what they are offering, works. Posture. Authority.

Cash Gifting Killer | This Will Kill You

I know, you say so and so internet cash gifting club multi-millionaire posts videos of themselves receiving money.

Did you ever wonder, why? Maybe they fear the "competition"? If they are really that wealthy, why must they tell you? Why so desperate to prove it?

Nope, the richest never have to tell you they are rich. They come from a place of authority.

They are too busy helping you get rich, offering valuable content, making strong connections, to try and prove it to you.

I know many who do the income/prosperity claims. If the energy behind the act is high, go for it.

But so few people are capable of posting this stuff from a high energy, authoritative, calm and confident place, that it winds up being counter-productive.

You attract low energy folks when you feel the *need* to hype it up. Promises, empty or not, attract people who hope, not hungry, driven folks.

Your ego might fight you on this one. But trust me, if you publish something trying to prove to someone how rich you are, you aren't really rich.

Wealthy people see this and head for the hills. Good luck building a prosperity conscious team with this strategy.

Cash Gifting | The Lifeline

Content. Content. Content.

By writing simple, helpful articles I reach the first page of google, bing and yahoo, beating out guys who shell out money to reach first page.

Many forget the secret: effective acts count.

It takes 1 hour for me to write a keyword rich article and bookmark it.

I do not need to use paid advertising. I do not need to strain and strive. I do not need to force things to rank well in search engines.

I do not need to hype up my content. Nope, I help people, intelligently, and I prosper.

Create, create some more and you never need to compete in the cash gifting niche again.

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