Thursday, February 2, 2012

How to Beat Cash Gifting Obstacles into a Bloody Pulp

Cash gifting obstacles arise as you progress.

No one is immune to facing resistance.

The question is: do you go forward or turn around?

Cash Gifting Resistance

Skeptics. Naysayers. Haters.

You might face each crowd a few times along the way. At least if you are growing.

But if you know how to handle resistance you can grow like a weed. Without worrying about the obstacles.

Having a strong "Why" is key. You must know why you want to prosper online and make this emotion crystal clear in your mind.

The invisible Why in the visible What. You want money(What), but Why? Freedom.

See what I mean? Find the emotions, feel them, experience them, and obstacles dissolve right in front of your eyes.

If you fall more in love with the feeling of being free than the fear of facing ignorant, unhappy people, you are on the right track.

Cash Gifting Obstacles

Other obstacles include: no money to start, no marketing experience, no faith in your abilities, skepticism about receiving gifts.

Each limiting belief handcuffs you. You are dead before you start.

Another limiter: you have tried cash gifting before but failed. You bring the same low energy to any new club.

The Why kills these limiters.

But you must identify why you want to prosper with sharing clubs. The reasons vary from person to person. The emotions vary.

Cash Gifting Homework

Set aside 30 minutes today to figure out why you want to start with a sharing club.

Work through the range of emotions: feel what it would feel like to be financially free.

Feel what it would feel like to travel the world.

Feel what it would feel like to spend money freely, buying whatever you wanted to buy.

Feel what it would feel like to help other people achieve financial freedom.

These are a few ideas of Why's. You must find your Why on your own.

Once you find the emotion, and experience it, you will never be held in check again.

Obstacles dissolve into opportunities. Resistance becomes a springboard. A hurdle lets you see how high you can jump.

Cash gifting obstacles are just waiting for a beat down but you must be the one to administer the whipping.

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