Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Cash Gifting Tip - Why Simple Strategies Net You Cash Gifts at a Quick Pace

Cash gifting is not complicated.

Offer a cash gift, market a club website and receive cash gifts.


Complication mucks things up.

Trying to make things difficult, makes things difficult on you.

The simple way works best.

Sharing clubs are not about playing the numbers game.

It's about playing an energy game, meaning each of your acts is an effective, high energy act geared toward reaching your target market.

Cash Gifting - Simple Is Best

Providing immense, usable value through blog posts, articles and content-rich tweets positions you as someone who can help gifters.

Helpers gain authority, and prosper more quickly than someone who does a poor job helping individuals.

The coach who blasts an email out to 100,000 disinterested people might receive 100 opt-ins.

Of course, virtually all of those opt-ins do not know the coach. Because they did not land on his site through a social network or article.

They did not seek him out. Nope. They simply received an email from some guy who is trying to sell them on something.

This is where complicated enters the picture.

Your job becomes more difficult than the cash receiving club content creation guy.

You are not coming from a place of authority, or power, because the individual reading the email has no clue who you are, or your expertise.

No matter how much you sell your expertise, it rings hollow, compared to a person who runs a blog, writes articles, or sends out a free newsletter.

Or someone who maintains a healthy presence on social networks.

So you need to reach tons of people to get conversions. Tough. Difficult. Stressful.

The person who creates for others and helps others converts people at a quicker pace, because his prospects are generally sold on him.

A coach who needs to cram his or her opportunity down a prospect's throat with massive blasts has a tougher time converting with smaller numbers.

This is because the prospects needs to learn to know, like and trust the coach, and they need to be sold on the opportunity.

Attraction marketing versus old school numbers game.

The stress free, simple way works best, and converts quickest, because most of the people you speak to already know like or trust you.

These folks know what you have to offer, and convert easily.

Cash Gifting - Both Strategies Work

Both strategies work. Gifters make loads of money with the attraction marketing and old school prospecting numbers game methods.

Attraction marketing though is stress free. No numbers to hit, no leads to buy, no massive list to burn through, many of whom have zero interest in gifting.

Simply create usable content, connect with individuals, pull back and let prospects come to you.


Keep creating. Keep targeting your campaign. Forget the numbers game, it's an energy game.

With patience and persistence you grow a prospering cash gifting team by sticking to simple, proven strategies.

Learn how to receive $125 to $8,000 cash gifts by sharing a website with generous individuals.

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