Monday, February 13, 2012

Cash Gifting Tip - The Brilliant Synergy of SEO and Social Media

Growing your cash gifting team becomes easier as you learn to:

1 - Target.

2 - Trust.

Target your marketing campaign with SEO.

Trust the powerful form of advertising known as social media marketing.

Combined, these 2 aspects of your marketing campaign become a powerful force.

Unless you are the SEO whiz of whizzes, you need to use targeted marketing to drive hungry leads to your website.

Unless you are a celebrity, you need social media to build trust.

Factor the 2 together, you are golden. You speak specifically to your target audience, which trusts you.

Cash Gifting Target Practice

Hit your niche with keywords.

Build each piece of content around a sharing club keyword or key phrase.

Avoid wheel spinning. Talk to your audience from Day 1 as a sharing club coach.

No, not an audience. Your audience. People interested in groups like The Peoples Program.

Using SEO saves you so much time it's amazing. Each act is leveraged, meaning each article winds up in front of prying, hungry, interested eyes.

If you ignore SEO you are ignoring your target market. It's that simple.

Write keyword-rich, helpful articles daily. As your writing improves you move up search engines and drive targeted, passive traffic to your website.

If you plan to step away from the computer you need passive traffic.

Cash Gifting Trust Building

You must trust that social media builds trust.

I know it's tough to accept this. Amidst plenty of spammy accounts and profiles, you might wonder, does anybody pay attention?

Yes, people do if you are willing to open up, be yourself, and bring value to the table.

Make your profile interesting. Be a real, live person with real, genuine interests.

Keep it social. Let folks know what you like, what you're up to, but of course keep the focus on your content, on helping people solve problems.

Then, your content becomes magnetic, people read it and stop by your profile to learn more about you.

Some might come to know you, like you and trust you, then you are in.

If someone sees your article on the first page of google they don't know you from Joe Blow.

Sure you might appear to have authority, but you are still a stranger.

Social media helps you bound across the stranger chasm, helping you connect with your market.

The synergy of SEO with social media can turbo-charge your cash gifting marketing campaign in a jiffy.

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