Friday, February 24, 2012

Cash Gifting 101 - Disgusted With Chasing Zombie Prospects?

I speak to many cash gifting prospects who want a better way.

Individuals who hate pressurized recruiting tactics, or paying monthly fees, or hawking products they do not care about.

People who hate chasing folks in a malaise, a stupor, individuals who rarely if ever respond to persistent calls to action.

You need to figure out:

Are you happy?

Did you chase dollars, or an opportunity, if you are currently unhappy with your online gig?

If you are disgusted with chasing prospects or hustling products sharing clubs provide you with an alternative to an online business.

Cash Gifting 101

A cash gift is not a loan, investment or payment for goods and services.

The sum of money is offered as a gift to help someone out.

Cash gifting club are built around the concept of sharing a gift and marketing a website to people who want to do the same.

No middle man. No product or service, no monthly fees, no stress, no fuss, no muss.

Target the gifting crowd and you prosper as increasing numbers of kind, generous people send you gifts.

The concept is similar to philanthropy or charity.

Pay it forward.

Help someone, who helps someone else, and the cycle continues.

Each kind act is prospered.

What you offer freely returns 100 fold.

Of course, skepticism blocks your good. If you pledge to a club with a skeptical mindset, you likely offered your gift with strings attached.

This blocks the flow of gifts to you, at least temporarily, until you realize the error of your thoughts.

Give freely, receive generously.

Cash Gifting Versus A Home Based Business

Traditional home based businesses involve convincing prospects to join, or cajoling individuals to pay for a product or service.

If this vibes with you, more power to you.

Sharing clubs provide a change up. No pressurized selling tactics, or coercing, or recruiting.

Simply sharing a site, presenting an opportunity and releasing on the outcome.

If you get a "Yes", wonderful.

If you get a "No", wonderful.

In either case, you do not chase the individual, you do not need to convince, or coerce.

This is not a pressurized gig. This is not a hustle.

It's people helping people with cash.

That's it.

Dig deeper into sharing clubs. Research your prospective coach.

Learn more about cash gifting programs and prosper.

Learn how to receive $125 to $8,000 cash gifts by sharing a website with generous individuals.

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