Wednesday, February 15, 2012

3 Tips to Explode Your Cash Gifting Program Network at a Breakneck Pace

The quick way to cash gifting program success is to build your network at a ridiculous pace.

More friends = more word of mouth advertising = more cash gifts.

Some make a big boo-boo, promoting only themselves.

Wrong way to do it. I might reach 25,000 people on my social networks, but if my friends promote me I reach many more people.

Great karma too. Give freely, receive generously.

Help other people, other people help you.

Cash Gifting Program Network

Seek out leaders. You become much like the company you keep

Kick losers to the curb, people who down others.

Tip 1 - Leverage Emails

Here's a good one.

Share the blog post, Tweets, or Facebook updates of each person whose email you respond to.

Many emails are responses to comments you left on entrepreneur's blogs.

So keep the engagement train going. Go right to their blog, and share another post, or retweet one of their tweets.

Instant bond-builder, this one. Instant leveraging.

Tip 2 - Leave Value Packed Comments

Visit leader's blogs.

Leave value-packed comments. Share the posts.

Make a positive impact. People notice you. You get clicks on your link and some entrepreneurs stop by your blog to leave comments on your blog.

If you add value with comments you can't help but to become valuable in the eyes of folks in your niche.

Bloggers, entrepreneurs and casual visitors notice you.

Cash Gifting Program Mistake

Comment Drive-By's. No 1 word comments, no 1 line comments.

Make an impact or do not bother showing up. You waste your time, and the time of fellow entrepreneurs, if you leave a 1 line deal.

Tip 3 - Engage Like Mad

Be a person not a profile.

Be human. Chat. Ask questions. Provide answers.

People like people. People hate profiles, or 1 way streeters, because people hate greedy folks after their money.

Talk. Be social. Use first names, personalize experiences.

Send private messages, Facebook messages.

Make people feel special and you become special in the eyes of others.

Give. Get.

Chatting lightens you up, and lightens up people around you, which helps you make friends, which grows your network, which grows your cash gifting program.

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