Friday, February 3, 2012

1 Tip to Violently Accelerate Your Cash Gifting Program Growth

1 strategy speeds up your cash gifting program growth at an alarming rate.

The tip requires you to be a listener. Which is quite easy, really, when you making listening a habit.

The technique does not demand loads of expertise or knowledge concerning sharing clubs.

Cash Gifting Program Growth

Sharing pros do one thing better than anybody else.

The crowd handles objections with ease.

Handling objections can be difficult as a newbie gifter.

You might be so busy spreading your message that you forget to listen to the hopes, dreams, concerns or anxieties of interested individuals.

Listen. Open your ears. Shut your mouth.

By listening you tune into issues which non-listeners never tune in to.

Cash Gifting Program Practice

Set an intent to listen. Tune into each individual's objections.

The challenge is to move your attention away from an agenda.

Detach from outcomes. Listen, simply to listen.

Each person has different worries. Different fears.

Maybe he or she feels she can't market. He or she might have failed with gifting clubs in the past.

He or she may have concerns about writing cash gifting program articles, or connecting with individuals on social networks.

To find these blocks or objections, listen. Clear your mind and listen.

Make each phone call with this idea in mind. Practicing on the phone is the quickest way to become more skilled at handling objections.

You can receive the best advice in the world but until you make live calls it's impossible to get practice in this area.

Connecting with individuals over the phone brings up all types of blockages on your end, and on the end of the interested party.

Truth serum. You hear why an individual feels why he or she can or can not succeed with sharing clubs.

You also see your tendency to pitch your club, or to hold an agenda during the call.

Cash Gifting Program - Why So Many Screw Up

Attaching to outcomes prevents you from listening.

It is impossible to listen while formulating a rebuttal. Or while building a pitch. Or while secretly panicking, praying, hoping or wishing.

Become more aware of what you are thinking and feeling during a call. Pull back. Talk a lot less.

Ask, "How can I help?", and listen. After listening, pause for 1 to 2 seconds before responding.

Process. Digest. Use the priceless information you just received for the benefit of both parties.

Your cash gifting program can change lives if you are willing to be a patient listener.

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