Sunday, March 7, 2010

My Review Of The Peoples Program Cash Gifting System

The Peoples Program Cash Gifting System is a hybrid residual cash gifting program. This means that gifts are shared between groups of people. This is not a traditional 1-1 gifting program. The ability to receive 5 prosperity streams makes the group unique among cash gifting clubs.

The Peoples Program Cash Gifting - Advantages

* 5 separate prosperity streams. The residual nature of TPP maximizes prosperity potential. Take a tour of The Peoples Program to see a full description of its gifting structure.

* Strong marketing program. After giving a gift you may share the opportunity with others. TPP provides proven marketing strategies to ensure maximization of your prosperity stream.

* Solid mentoring system. Helpful and accessible mentors who demonstrate how to share the opportunity with others.

* Easy to use back office. Make adjustments to your capture page, meet your inviter page, and auto responder with ease. Fully customizable.

* Ability to upload custom videos. No need to use the default videos. Upload your you tube, vimeo, or metacafe videos to the site. Personal videos are a proven method to drive cash gifting program opt-in’s sky high.

* $150 through $10,000 per gift. $10,000 is a high ceiling in the gifting world. The Peoples Program prides itself on offering a range of gifting levels.

* Leveraging potential. It’s possible to enter at $100 and receive a quick boost to a higher level.

* Affordable cash gifting program.

* Dependable web admin. Response time usually within a day.

* Ability to partner with an outsourcer. Video creation, postcard marketing, SEO……you can let others handle your marketing for you.

The Peoples Program - Disadvantages

* $50 admin fee. Many programs don’t charge a fee.

* The Peoples Program is a well known cash gifting program. Sometimes it’s easier to enter a ground floor gifting club.

The Peoples Program Cash Gifting

The hybrid residual cash flow system. Unlike a 1 Up structure The Peoples Program offers multiple prosperity streams. You can be the recipient of generosity from various gifters.

This concept is similar to a practice of wealthy people: MSI, or multiple streams of income. The idea is to open up as many channels as wealth as possible. Since cash gifting programs are not businesses I refer to it as MSP, or multiple streams of prosperity.

An important distinction between TPP and a business is the absence of a good or service changing hands. Cash gifting is a private activity. All gifts are given freely without coercion or consideration.

Conclusion - The Peoples Program Verdict

Despite the admin fee and the fact that it’s a known commodity The Peoples Program is a keeper. The leveraging potential makes TPP stand out from the cash gifting program crowd.

I was fortunate enough to get in at the ground level. I currently am situated at $7500.

Before offering a gift proceed with proper due diligence. Call your prospective cash gifting mentor with at least 10 questions. Opt-in to take a tour of the club’s facilities. Cash gifting is a private, invitation-only activity built on trust.

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